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[greenyes] SF area events: Climate Change and Recycling -- Sept 21-23 events on meeting climate protection goals

Recycling and waste prevention reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help
cities and states meet climate protection goals. Henry Ferland, the USEPA's
program coordinator on the effects of recycling programs on global climate
change, will be in northern California during the week of September 19-23.
His speaking engagements in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Sacramento
are listed below.
Mr. Ferland's work has documented the often-overlooked energy savings and
greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions that recycling provides to our country.
These benefits come from the reduction of industrial emissions created by
the massive energy and chemical needs of converting raw materials into goods
ready for production and from reductions in emissions from landfills and
waste-to-energy facilities. His data speaks for itself: EPA has found that
recycling aluminum cans instead of landfilling them saves the equivalent of
1650 gallons of gasoline while recycling a ton of soda bottles saves the
equivalent of 430 gallons of gas -- recycling paper saves too -- a ton of
newspapers recycled should save the equivalent of 135 gallons of gas. Mr.
Ferland has even calculated that if all the recycling currently being done
in America today were to stop tonight, the equivalent of 11.9 billion
gallons of gasoline would be wasted by putting this valuable material into
holes in the ground.

This is an excellent follow-on to Governor Schwarzenegger's Executive Order
in June calling for Californians to make further emissions reductions in the
years ahead.
Sept 21, noon
Oakland - Brown bag lunch for local government staff
Offices of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (436 14th St, Suite
1520, Oakland)
RSVP to Ryan Bell at ICLEI, 510-844-0699, ryan.bell@no.address

Sept 21, 5 pm
Berkeley - Forum at UC Berkeley campus
Barrows Hall, Room 170, Berkeley

Sept 22, 9:30 am
San Jose - Forum
San Jose City Hall Committee Meeting Room C

Sept 22, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
San Francisco - Forum
U.S. EPA Region 9, 75 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, Nevada Room
RSVP REQUIRED FOR THIS SESSION: Please send e-mail your name and
affiliation to Timonie Hood at hood.timonie@no.address, bring an ID, and allow
a few extra minutes for security clearance to attend this event.

Sept 23, 9:30 am
Sacramento - Briefing for Technical Staff at California Integrated Waste
Management Board
CIWMB, Cal/EPA building, 1101 I St.

Ferland's arrangements are being handled by the Northern California
Recycling Association and Region 9 of USEPA. Contact Arthur Boone at
arboone3@no.address or 510/910-6451 for NCRA or Timonie Hood at EPA/Region 9.

These are some of the URLs of documents that Henry Ferland has worked on
related to recycling and energy conservation:

1. Warm Model & Recycled Content Tools

2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Management of Selected Materials in
Municipal Solid Waste (Scroll down for links)

3. Climate Change and Waste: Reducing Waste Can Make a Difference

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