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[greenyes] FYI: Zero waste at NRC

From NRC's email newsletter:

Receptions Get Close to Zero Waste

We are also very pleased to report that thanks to excellent organizing ahead
of time and the cooperation of all of our attendees, NRC and its local
partners nearly reached their goals of holding zero waste evening receptions
at the Congress & Expo.

Eureka Recycling worked extensively with the Minneapolis History Museum and
the caterer, Bon Appetit, on the Sunday evening Welcoming Reception, which
hosted about 650 recyclers. Both the facility and the caterer were very
responsive, and as a result, we produced only 5 pounds of refuse! The 99.3%
diversion rate was achieved in large part by collecting 200 pounds of food
waste for composting and sending 40 pounds of left-overs to a local shelter.
Beverage containers and cardboard were also recycled.

The Recycling Association of Minnesota worked with the Mill City Museum and
its caterer to recycle and compost as well for their Monday night reception,
achieving an impressive 83.3% diversion rate, including beverage containers
and cardboard. While the facility and caterer were less familiar with the
idea of composting food scraps, we still collected 300 pounds of food for
composting and donated 15 pounds to a shelter. The event, which about 350
people attended, created about 100 pounds of refuse.

Special thanks to Eureka Recycling, the Recycling Association of Minnesota
and the facility and catering partners for helping us get our Congress &
Expo receptions closer to zero waste.

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