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RE: [greenyes] "Say NO to Plastic Bags!" Campaign for ARD, Nov. 15

On this subject, I wonder if any research has been done:

* On the environmental impacts of producing, distributing, and
ultimately disposing of recycled cotton or poly bags that say "NO" to
plastic bags

* On the usage rates of such bags and whether they substitute for, and
thereby decrease the usage of, plastic bags; or whether they constitute a
second, new category of consumer products coexisting with what they were
supposed to supplant.

Of course the argument can be made that recycled durable bags are great
educational tools in conjunction with plastic bag recycling programs; but,
given that various forms of such bags have been distributed for years, do we
actually know whether they have the impacts they are assumed to have?

Pointers to research in this area would be of great interest. Thank you.

Samantha MacBride

Senior Policy Analyst

Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling

New York City Department of Sanitation


From: Heidi Feldman [mailto:hfeldman@no.address]
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 12:50 PM
To: crra_members@no.address; greenyes@no.address;
Subject: [greenyes] "Say NO to Plastic Bags!" Campaign for ARD, Nov. 15

Dear Friends,

The Monterey County "3R" Committee has decided to begin a countywide "Say NO
to Plastic Bags!" publicity campaign to be kicked off on America Recycles
Day (Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005). We have identified plastic bags as a major
environmental issue in our area and will focus on this during the coming
months. Plastic bags pollute the environment, litter the landscape, and
present operational problems in our recycling plants. When Santa Cruz County
staff told us yesterday that they want to join our campaign, we thought why
not make this a greater effort with more communities participating? The time
frame would still work if you decide to be part of this campaign. We feel
that while there are many good efforts under way in this State and elsewhere
to recycle plastic bags, we have to stress that "Reduce and Reuse" come
first-then we can recycle the rest! Having more of you join us will increase
the impact of the campaign, perhaps on a national level.

Following are the major components of our publicity campaign strategy:

* Order recycled cotton or poly bags with imprint ("Say NO to Plastic
Bags;" sponsoring agencies; and graphic of bag with slash, see attached gif
graphic). We may order blank bags from a national firm and have them printed
locally if we can do it at a lower cost. You may already have some bags
available in your program. We could also combine our orders to get lower
prices. We are about ready to place our order so let us know if you want to
participate! If you have a really good source for low-priced recycled bags,
let us know.

* Schedule appearance at local super markets, must get management
permission. We will be at several markets that day and give out about 100
bags at each location; we plan to follow up at more markets the week after
Nov. 15

* Prepare info board (20"x30") with plastic bag facts-we can provide
language to you. Also, prepare information where plastic bags and film can
be recycled locally.

* Send out media announcements the week before and again a day or two
before the event. Send cotton bags to media with facts inside. We can
provide a sample press release to you.

* Give bags and facts to local officials during the week of Nov. 15,
at City Council and Board meetings.

* Schedule people at each market on ARD and week after.

We hope that this may be a worthwhile activity for your ARD celebration!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

in the spirit of "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle"!

Heidi Feldman

Public Education Coordinator

Monterey Regional Waste Management District

P.O. Box 1670, Marina, CA 93933

Tel.: 831/384-5313 FAX: 831/384-3567

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