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[greenyes] Recyclability

In response to the request for what is recyclable, Jerry correctly
points out that, by definition, thermoset (as contrasted with thermoplastic)
plastics cannot be remolded into anything, and, if recovered, could only be
chopped up for filler.

But something even broader needs to be raised here that his point

There has been a major undercurrent in the recycling movement that
anything can be recycled, as a matter of pride.

While technically that may be true, it ill serves our long term
interests in being sustainable ourselves, if we blithely ignore real world
limitations that only makes some things practicably recyclable. For without
some underlying economic rationale, whatever we summon extraordinary efforts
to recover will be less than a little noticed flash in the pan.

Our blurring the line between technically and practically has led us to
do some very counterproductive things such as in vigorously chasing the
infinitesimal #3-#7 plastics, which are less than one half of one percent of
the MSW stream -- while doing precious little to broaden base level
recycling of C&D, which is as large as the entire MSW stream.

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