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RE: [greenyes] Recyclability

Not to beat this issue to death, I would hope that we would concentrate on reducing the environmental impact of materials use and disposition, rather than use weight (or volume) as a criterion.

John Reindl
Dane County, WI

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>Subject: [greenyes] Recyclability
> In response to the request for what is recyclable, Jerry correctly
>points out that, by definition, thermoset (as contrasted with
>plastics cannot be remolded into anything, and, if recovered,
>could only be
>chopped up for filler.
> But something even broader needs to be raised here that his point
> There has been a major undercurrent in the recycling movement that
>anything can be recycled, as a matter of pride.
> While technically that may be true, it ill serves our long term
>interests in being sustainable ourselves, if we blithely
>ignore real world
>limitations that only makes some things practicably
>recyclable. For without
>some underlying economic rationale, whatever we summon
>extraordinary efforts
>to recover will be less than a little noticed flash in the pan.
> Our blurring the line between technically and practically
>has led us to
>do some very counterproductive things such as in vigorously
>chasing the
>infinitesimal #3-#7 plastics, which are less than one half of
>one percent of
>the MSW stream -- while doing precious little to broaden base level
>recycling of C&D, which is as large as the entire MSW stream.
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