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RE: [greenyes] It helps being old

I can't vouch for what community has the oldest program in the country, but
the City of Madison, WI has had a curbside program run by the community
since at least 1968. (It is my understanding that it began as an experiment
in 1967, and then became part of "normal" city services the next year.)

Peahaps someone might want to write a note to BBC once we have some more
accurate data?


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One of the (few) merits of being an old timer in recycling is that you can
maybe help out on history questions. My memory says that the first
citywide, curbside, multi-material recycling collection program occurred in
Modesto, California. In addition, according to a study that I worked on for
the EPA in 1978, a small number of communities had collected old newspapers
on route continuously since World War II.
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