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[greenyes] who was the first multi-material curbside program?

Eco-Cycle was collecting curbside paper and containers in 1976, almost 30
years ago. We claim to be "one of the first 20"... don't know where Grogan
came up with that one. I have heard that the first multi-material
collection program was in California sometime around 1970? I think Gary
Liss told me that... hey, Gary, you know the history on this?


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Note under the US coverage that 20 years ago only one roadside
[curbside]recycling program existed...whose was that...Ecocycle's? Recycle
Ann Arbor's The Recyclers [of Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton Counties]?, etc.

>>> "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address> 06/27/05 09:52AM >>>
There's an interesting article on recycling in the UK, the EU and selected
other countries around the world on the BBC web page today at


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