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[greenyes] FYI on EPA Research Project....


EPA Press Release: EPA Statement on Children's Health Environmental
Exposure Risk Study

(Washington, D.C., November 9, 2004) - Because protecting the health and
well being of children is of paramount importance, EPA has decided to send
the Children's Health Environmental Exposure Risk Study (CHEERS) for another
external, independent review by an expert panel made up of members of the
Science Advisory Board, Science Advisory Panel, and Children's Health
Protection Advisory Committee.

For more information on the CHEERS study, visit,

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) continues to strongly support the study
because of the great importance of increasing understanding of the exposures
of young children to pesticides and other chemicals they naturally encounter
in their daily lives. We also have received questions from various sources
expressing concern over the study based upon what they had heard or read in
summary descriptions. Thus, we agree with EPA that misunderstanding exists
and that it is very important for the public to have more information so
that their concerns are appropriately addressed. We believe that EPA's
approach of having a recognized group of independent experts review the
study protocol with the public's concerns in mind and who then advise the
EPA Administrator on the study will be very useful.

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