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[greenyes] County of San Diego Recycling Specialist position opening

The County of San Diego is advertising a position for a Recycling Specialist I position. Please send in applications as soon as possible as the Human Resources Dept will close the position once they receive the requisite number of applications. Please go to: to view or apply on-line.

RECRUITMENT No. 04548111

$1,484.00 - $1,803.20 biweekly; $38,584- $46,883 annually
Open until further notice. See Series Recruitment statement below.
Assists higher level management in performing professional, analytical and administrative work related to recycling aspects of San Diego County's Solid Waste Ordinance, and recycling policies and programs that enable, facilitate and encourage conservation of solid waste materials and promote the use of recycled/recyclable materials and products. Researches and recommends county policy on state and federal issues relating to solid waste recycling efforts; conducts studies and assists in the administration of recycling contracts, implements policy, prepares grant applications, analyzes legislation, and gives presentations.
Qualified applicants must possess:A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university; AND, one (1) year of professional experience performing duties in the development, implementation, and administration of a private or public solid waste recycling program or non-burn resource recovery program.
A valid California class C driver's license or the ability to arrange transportation for field travel is required at time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment in this class.
The names of qualified applicants will be placed on an employment list based on scores received during the evaluation of information contained in their employment and supplemental application.
Employment applications can be accessed on-line from the Job/Current recruitment section of the County of San Diego website at <>. All required documentation must be submitted immediately with your application in order to determine your eligibility to compete. Coversheets with additional required documents may be faxed to the Department of Human Resources at (619) 685-2458. You may also pick up and submit your application, along with your attachments, to the Department of Human Resources at the address listed below. For additional information or accommodations, contact our job information line at (619) 236-2191.
Department of Human Resources
1600 Pacific Highway, Room 207
San Diego, California 92101
An Equal Opportunity Employer
24-Hr. Recorded Job Line: (619) 531-5764
Hearing Impaired:
California Relay Service: 800-735-2929(TDD)/ 800-735-2922 (Vox)/ 619-531-5362(DHR-TDD)
General Information: (619) 236-2191

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