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[greenyes] Fwd: [GAIA]Lebanon on the way to Zero Waste

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From: "Wael Hmaidan" <>
To: <gaia-members@no.address>
Subject: [GAIA]Lebanon on the way to Zero Waste
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 16:32:29 +0100

Victory! Ministry of Environment Adopts Zero Waste Principles
Greenpeace Welcomes the move, waiting for concrete steps

Beirut (Lebanon), December 3, 2004 ­ After 7 years of Greenpeace
campaigning to solve the solid waste crisis in Lebanon, The Ministry of
Environment verbally stated today its endorsement of Zero Waste
Principles as the only sustainable solution for the Waste issue.
Greenpeace welcomes the Ministry?s statement and is now waiting for
concrete implementation steps as soon as possible.

Greenpeace Mediterranean?s Campaigner Wael Hmaidan has already had 2
meetings with Ministry officials, including the Minister Mr. Wi?am
Wahhab and his advisors. During these meetings the Ministry agreed on
adopting the ?Zero Waste? concept and its principles, such as striving
to achieve 100% waste recovery by a set time target, and banning all
types of incineration.

To this Hmaidan said: ?It is very encouraging to hear the Minister of
Environment and his advisors adopt a Zero Waste policy. Now the need
arises for concrete steps to achieve it, such as including Zero Waste
principles in the new waste management law the Ministry is currently

Greenpeace has started its call for ?Zero Waste? end of 2003, and the
last event on this issue was last week when the organization
collaborated with Lebanese artists, to build a 6 meter monster out of
waste. The ?Zero Waste? concept is already being implemented all over
the world, and is based on the idea that waste is a resource we should
benefit from, rather than a problem to get rid of. It aims at
eliminating all need for incineration or landfilling.

Greenpeace will keep an eye on the Ministry and its developing law, and
will follow up on the issue to make sure that the Ministry?s promises
are implemented.


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