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Re: [greenyes] Zero Waste Definition Adopted


We all provide waste to the earth as part of our daily metabolic function.
I think the statement below needs to be revised considering this.

"Implementing Zero Waste will eliminate all concentrated discharges to
land, water
or air that may be a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health."

If I go out in the woods and eliminate but bury that in a hole in the
ground then it is OK and not harming the earth. It would be OK to do that
for more than one person up to a point. Thus it is the "concentrated"
deposition of waste that is so harmful. The earth can deal with some
wastes, the question is, up to what point or concentration.
the answer to that really depends on exactly what material/chemicals that
waste contains and the ecology of the disposal site location.

This is just my opinion and understanding of ecology.

Debra Lombard
LEEDtm Accredited Professional
Lighting & Sustainable Design
The RETEC Group
900 Chapel St., 2nd Fl - Box 9
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel: 203-776-2358 x 237
Fax: 203-773-3657

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