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RE: [greenyes] Glass recycling price drops here too

John is CRA WMI's container recycling alliance? If not, who is CRA? Is your
glass from a single stream program? If so, then does this glass have to go
to an optical sorter or is it used in a low value application - like

Susan Hubbard
Eureka Recycling
2828 Kennedy St., NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413


Waste is Preventable Not Inevitable

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From: Reindl, John [mailto:Reindl@no.address]
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 8:27 AM
To: 'Gary Liss'; greenyes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] Glass recycling price drops here too

As in New Zealand, the price being paid for glass in Wisconsin is also
dropping. For example, CRA has announced a reduction in prices to our MRF to
the following:

Clear $4.50 a ton
Brown $3.50 a ton
Green negative $8.50 a ton
Mixed negative $19.50 a ton

This is the third price decrease this year and is due in part to increased
transportation cost from higher diesel prices and I foresee that the price
will decline in the future as well.

Users of our MRF pay approximately $70 a ton to have their glass processed
and then receive 80% of the value of the glass or pay 80% of the cost to
market it, so the net cost of recycling glass at our MRF is on the order of
$65 to $85 a ton. Added to that would be any marginal costs of collection.

I see a need to improve the economics. I would invite suggestions from
others on this.

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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> From: Gary Liss [mailto:gary@no.address]
> Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 5:19 PM
> To: zwia@no.address; greenyes@no.address
> Subject: [greenyes] URGENT! NZ Glass Recycling crisis
> Apologies for Cross-Postings
> If you have any suggestions on how NZ can respond to these glass recycling

> problems, please email Jo@no.address (Jo Knight, CEO, ZW NZ Trust).
> Thanks!
> Gary
> >To: "Zero Waste Update" <the.editor@no.address>
> >Organization: Zero Waste New Zealand Trust
> >From: "Suzi Phillips" <the.editor@no.address>
> >Subject: URGENT ! Zero Waste E-News Bulletin #16
> >Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 12:05:06 +1300
> >
> >Dear Zero Wasters,
> >
> >Highlights of this Zero Waste E-news Bulletin are;
> >
> >* Glass recycling dealt blow by price reductions for cullett
> >* Community groups also under siege from funding cuts
> and concern
> >about steel can recycling
> >
> >1. Glass recovery and recycling in New Zealand has been
> dealt a blow
> >by the country's only major glass recycler.
> >ACI Glass has a monopoly on processing large quantities of
> glass cullett
> >from around New Zealand and has just announced major price
> drops effective
> >from January
> > From that date the company will reduce the price it pays
> for all glass
> > cullett from $92 per tonne to $75 per tonne.
> >The company is also signalling a further substantial drop in
> the price
> >paid for clear glass cullett (effective on May 1) from $75
> per tonne to
> >$10 per tonne.
> >The price drops will have major repercussions on the
> economic viability of
> >local government and community group glass recycling schemes
> around the
> >country, says Zero Waste New Zealand Trust chief executive,
> Jo Knight.
> >In the short term, contractors and community groups will be
> looking at
> >renegotiating contracts with their councils.
> > "This will put the assurances made in the Packaging Accord to the
> > test. Fifty per cent of councils in New Zealand signed up to the
> > Packaging Accord on the proviso that it was not going to
> cost them more."
> >The Packaging Council is meeting to try and put in place
> some short and
> >long term solutions, but they have a very short time span in
> which to work
> >before the price changes come into effect.
> >"This is a nasty surprise for all parties, and the short
> time frame means
> >there is a need for interim co-operative solutions, such as
> collecting and
> >land-banking glass in the meantime. This is a strong case
> for extended
> >producer responsibility and/or container deposit
> legislation, in the New
> >Year," says Jo.
> >This problem illustrates New Zealand's vulnerability to
> market forces and
> >the real need for an adequately funded flexible
> infrastructure, including
> >over-arching waste legislation.
> >"The worst case scenario is a breakdown in glass recycling
> in New Zealand
> >with an increase in glass to landfill. Although glass is an inert
> >material in a landfill, recycling glass is a behavioural
> change that was
> >hard to achieve and it would be a devastating backward step,
> if that was
> >lost," she says.
> >
> >Please email us with your views.
> >
> >Best Regards,
> >Suzi Phillips
> >Communications Co-ordinator,
> >Zero Waste NZ Trust
> >PO Box 33 1695
> >Takapuna
> >Auckland
> >Ph 09-486-0738
> Gary Liss
> 916-652-7850
> Fax: 916-652-0485
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