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[greenyes] fluorescent lamp recycling in commercial buildings


I am working with the Northeast Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA) on a project to understand the factors that determine whether fluorescent light bulbs are recycled in commercial buildings. We are interested in understanding:
- who the players involved in lamp recycling decisions are (e.g. property managers, building owners, cleaning companies, lamp distributors, etc.);
- how the decisions get made;
- the barriers and motivations associated with this activity for various players; etc.

I am wondering if anyone has done research on this topic, particularly through focus groups, in-depth interviews, or phone surveys with property managers and/or the other players.

Regards, Jan

Jan Aceti
Aceti Associates
19 Allen St. #2
Arlington, MA 02474-6809
Ph: 781-646-4593
Fax: 914-931-2038

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