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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: A Message From Epson


It is a national franchise called ISLAND INK JET. They have a website at

They discussed the death chip with me and said they have a way to reset the
chip. My refilled cartridges last as long as the new ones after they are
done with them.

Like I said, I have reused mine about 3X already and they function fine. I
do primarily text and some graphics but no photos so my quality could be
lower and I would not detect it.

I am sure that I will run into lifetime problem but if the cartridge does
not work, Island Ink Jet says that they will give me credit toward another
one so the risk is minimal.


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This is good they do this for all Epson "death chips"? I have had
NO luck in getting any of our local vendors to take them. Is this kiosk a
franchise, or a local company??

>>> "Art Krenzel" <phoenix98604@no.address> 09/30/04 10:11AM >>>

You said:

>The short answer is profit. Epson, by designing their cartridges with a
chip that "kills" the cartridge, even before it is completely empty, and
renders it unreusable >guarantees that they control the supply market for
their printers. You can buy an Epson printer for as little as $100, but
spend $30 for each cartridge...with a >HEFTY profit margin on each.

I recycle my Epson ink cartidges locally. We have a small kiosk at the mall
which refills your ink cartridges while you wait or shop (up to 30 minutes).
They reset the computer chip on the cartridge to give it another life and I
get the same one back as I brought in. It costs about 70 - 80% of a new
cartridge. My printer uses four cartridges at a time and I have reused mine
about 3X and have noticed no difference in the quality of the print.

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