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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: A Message From Epson

Jenny, et al,

My response to the Epson letter. We're thinking along the same lines.




Thank you for your reponse to my email. Can you give me some insights
into why Epson is choosing to incinerate its returned inkjet cartridges
instead of refilling them like so many other inkjet cartridge producers
or third party organizations are doing? Admittedly, my assumption is
that a majority of inkject cartridges ARE being refilled because of the
demand for empty ones through schools and office supply stores. Epson
is the first company I have heard of that is incinerating its returned

As to the use of the word *recycling* in your press release, I think I
adequately expressed my strong misgivings about its use when the
recovery method is actually incineration. The context in which it was
used - school recycling - made it all the worse. I have personally
spent a considerable amount of time in my profession making sure school
students understand the concept of recycling as a closed loop between
manufacturers, retailers and consumers. While there may be third party
organizations involved in the recovery of the materials, the materials
are recovered specifically for the purpose of being made back into the
same or similar product with minimal, acceptable yield losses. That is
recycling. Incineration, on the other hand, is the thermochemical
conversion of a material from one substance to another, typically with
huge conversion losses and a complete loss of identity of the original

Now take refilling. Refilling is reusing, a step UP the waste
management food chain. By reusing a product, you recognize its inherent
value, save virgin resources and even eliminate many third parties from
the loop (thus possibly avoiding additional pollution).

If Epson can reuse its inkject cartridges, I strongly suggest that you
do so. Obviously, some companies have found that method of recovery not
only acceptable, but profitable, if they can pay schools or individuals
for the empty cartridges.

Thank you,


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