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[greenyes] Green hotels


The Lenox Hotel in Boston is a great example. At the bottom of the page
is a link to their environmental initiatives. Also, CERC, the Coalition for
Environmentally Responsible Conventions, did a lot of work with hotels in
Boston for the democratic convention, including workshops on composting food
waste. Contact Dan Ruben, CERC director, at Dan_ruben@no.address

I also came across a website called responsible travel: that seems to list environmentally minded hotels.


Amy Perlmutter Perlmutter Associates 23 Avon Street Cambridge, MA 02138

> Dear GreenYes,
> I am looking for examples of hotels that have successfully greened their
> services and reduced costs as a result. Specifically, I need information on
> waste reduction/diversion and associated reductions in disposal costs. Does
> anyone know of success stories or links to such information? Any references
> are much appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Cynthia Knowles
> GAIA Volunteer
> cynthiapatagonia@no.address

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