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Re: [greenyes] PAYT: 2 questions

At this time, our county does not charge a direct fee for disposal of
household or commercial solid waste. We have had a problem with Roadside
Dumps for longer than I have been around. There does not need to be a charge
for people to dump their garbage over the roadside or hillside. I feel it is
a factor of education in how the garbage is suppose to be disposed of.

Our county is looking into starting a charge for curbside pickup that has
been in existance since 1995. The main argument of some is that it will
increase the roadside dumps that we already have.

You can check out pictures of some of the roadside dumpsites that I have
placed on an interactive map of our county at the below link.

Or go to my website (below) and click on the MAP link on the navigation bar.

Buford Hill
Recycle, Garbage is a terrible thing to Waste.

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> Hello all,
> The city fathers & mothers in Pittsfield, MA are considering adopting
> pay-as-you-throw garbage collection. The proposal has generated quite a
> of controversy, with many people worried about illegal dumping that may
> result from the plan, and others arguing that PAYT is regressive in that
> disproportionately affects the poor. Put it together, and the argument
> that low-income people will soon be tossing their trash in ravines instead
> of buying City garbage bags.
> Pittsfield is a small town (pop. about 45,000) surrounded by rural areas:
> woods, farmlands, and lakes.
> Any comments from existing PAYT communities would be welcome.
> --Jenny
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