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Re: [greenyes] Zero Waste Endorsements


Eco-Cycle will gladly endorse your efforts for a ZW World Cup. Eco-Cycle is
one of the largest and oldest NGO recyclers in the USA. For more
information on who we are, please go to .

If there is any other way we can help, let us know. Good luck!

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle Inc.

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From: "The Southern Health & Ecology Institute" <shae@no.address>
To: <greenyes@no.address>
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 9:45 PM
Subject: [greenyes] Zero Waste Endorsements

Dear Friends,

Sincere apologies for any cross postings.

We are launching a massive initiative in South Africa to introduce,
implement and facilitate Zero Waste principles in areas where they are
relatively unknown.
Apart from the Polokwane Agreement which satisfies Zero Waste by 2022, we
have no legislation in place yet, but are lobbying currently for such.

Our primary goal at Zero Waste SA is to implement a Zero Waste World Cup
Soccer Event, such as we are priveleged to host in our country in 2010.

Several organisations are involved and our efforts are currently informed by
Muna Lakhani of Earthlife Africa.

Over the coming six years we hope thereby to raise awareness, conscientise,
promote and train our communities in Zero Waste Philosophy and to facilitate
Zero Waste Communities as part of the support campaign for the Cup. We hope
that applying Zero Waste thinking to such an event will create a national if
not international benchmark and it is a project which requires international
cooperation, peaceful collaboration and a motivated global team.

If I might call upon all our fellows worldwide to support us in this
endeavour, I would like to request endorsements which we would like to
present to the World Cup Bid Committee and various organisations who assist
us in motivating this important project. Simply reply to this mail with your
thoughts and contact details, we are trying to compile the endorsement list
by next week Friday.

As always,
In solidarity and humility,
Programme Development
Restoration Africa Project
The Southern Health and Ecology Institute
P O Box 67608 Bryanston 2021
South Africa

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