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[greenyes] PAYT: 2 questions

Hello all,

The city fathers & mothers in Pittsfield, MA are considering adopting
pay-as-you-throw garbage collection. The proposal has generated quite a bit
of controversy, with many people worried about illegal dumping that may
result from the plan, and others arguing that PAYT is regressive in that it
disproportionately affects the poor. Put it together, and the argument goes
that low-income people will soon be tossing their trash in ravines instead
of buying City garbage bags.

Pittsfield is a small town (pop. about 45,000) surrounded by rural areas:
woods, farmlands, and lakes.

Any comments from existing PAYT communities would be welcome.


Jennifer Gitlitz
Research Director, Container Recycling Institute

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2 Pomeroy Ave.
Dalton, MA 01226
Tel. (413) 684-4746
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Arlington, VA 22209-1603
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