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[greenyes] 2 positions

Hello all,
Please pass this on to anyone you know that would be a good candidate.


1) An AmeriCorps Volunteer is sought to work as an Environmental
Education Specialist in Salem, Oregon. The position will focus on
recruiting and supporting Oregon Green Schools and educating students
and school employees about waste reduction and recycling. The
will also involve educating homeowners and businesses about strategies
to protect their watershed. The position will be from September 2004
June 2005. For more details, contact Jeff Bickford:
jbickford@no.address or (503) 588-5169, x5992

2) The Salem-Keizer School District (via funding from Marion County
Public Works - Environmental Services) is hiring a full-time Recycling
Coordinator to develop curriculum, deliver presentations, and support
the district's Oregon Green Schools to reduce waste and increase
recycling. The successful applicant will have an Oregon Teaching
License. The position is open now and will be closing relatively soon.

For further information, please contact John Weeks:
weeks_john@no.address or (503) 399-3075.

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