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[greenyes] biosolids

Greetings -

We (the Central VT Solid Waste Management District) recently adopted a
10-year plan for moving toward zero waste goals and principles. One of
the areas in the plan that was not developed as fully as we would have
liked was our chapter on biosolids management. As a result, we are
currently working on developing a revised biosolids policy for the
District that is based upon and supportive of zero waste principles.

While we generally agree with the idea of "beneficial reuse," we are
looking very carefully at issues of contamination of sludge and septage
by toxics, metals and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, some of our
deliberations are around innovative options (technological, educational,
political/managerial) for reducing or eliminating toxics, metals and
pharmaceuticals in the wastewater stream.

As staff to the committee working on this, I have been looking for
examples of biosolids management plans, strategies or approaches from
other communities that are explicitly tied to either zero waste or
sustainable community development plans. I have not been having much

If anyone has suggestions of where to look or, even better, examples
they can share, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.


Chris Paterson

Community Partnerships & Planning Manager

Central VT Solid Waste Management District

137 Barre St.

Montpelier, VT 05602

802-229-9383 (ph)

802-229-1318 (fax)

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