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[greenyes] Call for Abstracts - Recycling Sessions at Air & Waste Management Association Conference

The Waste Management Division of the Air and Waste Management Association is soliciting abstracts for its June 21-24, 2005 conference in Minneapolis. If you are doing research in any of the areas broadly covered by the following sessions, do submit an abstract. Feel free to distribute this information.
Abstract submission info is below. Deadline is September 17.

MUNICIPAL WASTE -- Paper Sessions

Integrated Waste Management and Recycling WM-1

WM-1b Making a Case for Recycling (chair Paul Gardner, ramrecycle@no.address)

WM-1e CRT Recycling / Reuse in Partnership with the Lead Recycling Industry (chairs: Dan Mueller, dmueller@no.address ,James Messer)

WM-1f Minnesota Solid Waste: Resources and Opportunities (chairs: Ted Troolin, troolint@no.address , Jerry Johnson)

WM-1g Wastes as a Resource - Optimizing Economic Factors and Systems (chair Dave Marrack, dmarrack@no.address )

WM-3a Waste Management Initiatives in Agriculture and Related Industries (chair Kathleen Lockhart, kdlockhart@no.address)

WM-3b Waste-to-Energy and Materials Recovery: Do They Go Together? (chair Bill Wilson, county@no.address )

Panel Sessions:

WM-1a Getting out of the Recycling Doldrums (chair: Eileen Berenyi, VC Maggie Clarke)

WM-1c Upper Midwest Integrated Solid Waste Management (chairs: Paul Smith, Rick Patraw)

WM-1d State Legislative Approaches for E-Waste (chairs: Rick Patraw, Paul Smith)

WM-1h Resource Conservation Challenge (chair: Dan Mueller)

WM-4a Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2D): An innovative partnership improves environmental performance in the health care industry (Chairs: Laura Brannen, Chen Wen)

Abstract Submission

Abstracts may be submitted using any one of the following methods:
? Fill out the abstract submittal form through the link located at and submit it online. (Preferred method)

? Download the form (MS Word) located at Complete the form and paste it into the text of an e-mail message. Make the subject of the e-mail "Minneapolis Abstracts", and send to aklaus@no.address
Please do not send file attachments.

DEADLINE: Abstracts submitted must reach A&WMA headquarters no later than
September 17, 2004.

Authors are advised in November that abstracts have been accepted.
Draft manuscripts are due in late January for peer review.
The conference is taking place June 21-24, 2005.

If your email changes, please remember to let me know.

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City

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