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[greenyes] Come One Come All - First Ever Zero Waste Action Conference!!

Calling all passionate recyclers, composters, re-users and clean production

 The philosophy of “Zero Waste” seems to produce either true-believers or
true-skeptics, and a whole lot of curious folks in the middle.   There is an
event coming up on August 28th, the day before the NRC Congress starts, that you
absolutely must attend. The GrassRoots Recycling Network will be hosting the
Zero Waste Action Network Conference in Oakland, California on that Saturday. 
This one-day event is a gathering of Zero Waste experts and advocates from
across North America and around the globe. GRRN, as the U.S. affiliate of the
Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), is working to organize this nation to
become an international leader in advancing Zero Waste policies, planning and
practices. Attendees will be collaborating to move the ideas of Zero Waste into

This is THE North American Zero Waste organizing event of 2004—one of those
events you will always regret missing if you don’t reserve your space

To learn more about the conference, or to register go to:

Space is limited, and the conference is just around the corner so register

Please forward this invitation to your network of colleagues!      

Also, attend the two-day International Dialog on Proper Discard Management in
the New Millennium, August 26-27, in San Francisco (see





Oakland, CA

August 28th, 2004






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