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[greenyes] GRRN Needs You!!

Dear GreenYessers,

Money is like fuel … and it drives the engine of change.  The GrassRoots
Recycling Network (GRRN) has never had a lot of money, but right now we’re running
on fumes.

Is our financial situation serious?  Absolutely.  We are fundraising in many
places, and so we’re asking you, the hundreds of subscribers to GreenYes, to
jump in and help. If each person gave $95, that would help us through this
tough spot and give us the time to raise funds from other sources, such as new
foundations, recycling businesses and the many progressive people now investing
in the Kerry campaign.  Why did I pick $95?  See below…

So we need you to answer two questions for us:  (1) “Is this GreenYes
listserve of any value to you?” and (2) “Has the GRRN record of success related to
our work on Coke, Dell, PVC, Recycling In The Capital, Zero Waste, and much
more, been of any value to the world?”

If you answered yes to either question, then please write us that check

If you answered no to both, then I invite you to go to and surf
one of the most amazing website in the world.  And while you’re there, read
all about our upcoming Zero Waste Network Action Conference on August 28th in
Oakland, California.  At that gathering will be the global vanguard of the Zero
Waste movement, and it’s going to be a great day in the history of
sustainability in America.  Oh yes, that $95 check you’re writing to us just happens to
be the registration fee for the day.  So please share with us both your money
and your body on August 28th in pursuit of one of the most important ideas for
the 21st Century.

The GRRN Board of Directors

ps) just click on and you get a
choice of giving either by check or credit card.  Thank You!!!

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