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RE: [greenyes] European PET Recycling

Here is a follow up question.... since in solid waste there is an NSWMA (for
private industry) and SWANA (for public entities) and NRC is a coalition
that includes both, should our expectations be the same for all three

And do the members of NRC fund the NRC to the extent that SWANA or NSWMA
members fund their organization?

And finally, does one part of the NRC coalition provide more financial
support than another and does that impact leadership?

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Eric Lombardi wrote:

..."is the NRC truly
representing recycling GROWTH in America? Is it the organization that
you all (the GreenYes listservers) are members of that you expect to
provide national leadership? Are we getting national leadership out

I've been waiting to hear a post like Eric's after Michele Raymond
posed a more general but similar question about a month ago about
national recycling leadership. To answer Eric's question I would pose
another question. Does NRC provide the same kind of national leadership
(education, policy analysis, advocacy, networking) for recycling and
waste reduction that SWANA does for waste disposal?


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