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[greenyes] Producer Responsibility for Computer Recycling in Switzerland

For those of you interested in the recycling of computers (or other
electrical and electronic equipment), you might like to see the 10 year
anniversary report of the Swiss Association for Information, Communication
and Organisational Technology (SWICO) at, which has set up a
third-party producer-responsibility recycling program.

According to recent magazine articles, Switzerland has the highest per
capita recycling rate of any country for Information Technology equipment,
reaching nearly 4 kilograms per person last year, and over 9 kg per person
when household appliances are included. SWICO notes that it has far
surpassed the goals for the EU WEEE directive, which is 4 kg/capita for all

The Swiss system is funded by incorporating the cost of the system into the
purchase price of new equipment. Consumers can drop off equipment at no
charge. The membership of SWICO includes both individual manufacturers and
trade organizations. SWICO licenses recyclers to handle the equipment, which
is brought in by retailers, drop off centers and other collection programs.

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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