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[greenyes] Re: Non-exclusive franchised trash collection programs


The vast majority of Oregon cities and counties franchise garbage
collection. Most small cities have only one franchised hauler, but we
have a few cities that have multiple franchise territories. The largest
of these is the City of Portland, which has some 31 separate residential
franchise areas, and in the past had even more. I think that Beaverton,
Salem, and a few others have more than one franchise territory within
their territories, and many counties have multiple franchisees. There
may be some smaller jurisdictions that have non-exclusive franchises,
but most are exclusive franchises. We do have some jurisdictions that
issue non-exclusive licenses or simply allow open competition. Portland
does this for commercial garbage collection, and Eugene, Lane County,
and Multnomah County allow haulers to compete with each other for
customers within their areas of jurisdiction.

Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Original message:

I am looking for examples of communities that franchise trash
Those that have more than one hauler per district, and that have
districts would be especially pertinent.
Thanks in advance!
Susan Bush

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