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[greenyes] GRRN/Computer TakeBack Campaign re: NEPSI


For Immediate Release For more info:
February 12, 2004 Ted Smith
(408) 287-6707

David Wood (608) 347-7043

National E-waste Meeting in Portland Ends Without Final Agreement:
After 3 years, industry goes back to drawing board to develop financing

Industry, government and environmental stakeholders completed a 3 year
process on Wednesday in Portland, OR without reaching a final agreement
to solve the nation's growing e-waste crisis. Stakeholders had come
together in a last-ditch attempt to frame a nation-wide policy to pay
for cleaning up the growing crisis of toxic computer and TV wastes.
The participants, who have been meeting for over three years as the
National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative (NEPSI), failed to
reach a consensus financing agreement for a final proposal to Congress.
"Industry still hasn't been able to come up with a financing
policy that works," said Ted Smith of the Silicon Valley Toxics
Coalition, an environmental group prominent in the debate over solutions
to electronics waste. "For three years, IBM and several TV manufacturers
have lobbied for a skimpy recycling fee, which would pass on most costs
to local governments. Now, late in the game, electronics companies have
finally come up with a new vague outline that would allow some companies
to take responsibility for their own products rather than charge
consumers an extra fee."
David Wood of the GrassRoots Recycling Network added:
"Contrary to assertions by industry lobbyists that the problem is now
solved, the ball is clearly in the electronics industry's court to
finally come forward with a comprehensive financing solution that is
supported by a significant portion of the market share for both
computers and televisions. Since most people have very little
confidence that the industry will be successful in this task, the states
are continuing to aggressively move forward with their local legislative

David Wood
Executive Director, GrassRoots Recycling Network
Organizing Director, Computer TakeBack Campaign
210 N. Bassett St., Suite 200
Madison WI 53703
608-255-4800, ext. 100
608-347-7043 (cell)

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