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RE: [greenyes] Re: Toronto's plans

Where can I get details of how Toronto is collecting household food
waste please?

Ron Mendelsohn

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From: Mike Garfield [mailto:michaelg@no.address]
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 11:03 AM
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A little more info on Toronto's plans: Their zero waste goal does not
include export to Michigan or anywhere else. It's a real zero waste

The open question now is how hard they'll try to reach zero. I
participated in an Ontario forum with City officials two months ago. At
that time, they reported that their pilot organics program (in a couple
neighborhoods) is going well, and they hope for citywide coverage within
a couple years. Their multi-family and business recycling collection
programs could use some work, but they're included in the plans.
They'll have investment decisions to make over the next several years
that will be important.

The disturbing part of their presentation is where they go after 60%.
They're now arguing they won't be able to get beyond 60% with
traditional recycling and organics programs, and they'll have to then
employ "emerging technologies." Developers were still promoting an
incinerator in the City, and a landfill in northern Ontario.

This is going to be an interesting program to watch. Toronto now has a
lot of political will to move toward zero waste. They're calculating
their recovery percentages carefully, and taking their progress very
seriously. It's very unclear, though, how far they'll push. And there
are powerful interests pushing back in the other direction. Meanwhile,
the environmental community in Toronto and Michigan will be holding the
City's feet to the fire. __________________ Mike Garfield Ecology Center
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> At 09:23 PM 02/10/2004 -0600, David Wood wrote:
>> Does anyone know whether this means "zero waste" to Toronto landfills

>> and all the rest to Michigan's landfills? You can't export your way
>> to zero waste. Thanks for calling this to our attention Marjorie, and

>> folks with any more details on Toronto's plans, please share to the
>> list.
>> David Wood
>> Madison, WI
>> 608-255-4800, ext. 100

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