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[greenyes] Toronto; TIB track

Clarifications on Toronto and Ontario money:

WDO is supposed to fund 50% of "net costs," including transport, collection, marketing, everything

That is not nothing' the the costs have doubled several times

Moreover, Ontario has an inefficient system with 70 MRFs when it only needs 20 I understand.

Industry is being asked to pay for an inefficient system that REQUIRES all cities over 5,000 to have a curbside program even if its NOT efficient. There is technically no limit on what cities can claim are their "costs" though politically this will all go back to negotiation

This system will cost industry about $150 million over two years., because of set up costs to CALCULATE fees, and not counting the other 50% government continues to foot

Industry s only power is that purse to push efficiency

While it is true, the MORE they recycle, a material, the MORE industry is CHARGED (The WRONG incentive)

ALL packaging, even if it does NOT go into blue box, is being CHARGED these complex fees.

There are many sides to this debate

I dont like this system. I dont recommend that other provinces initiate -- if they MUST charge industry and cant TAX which is SIMPLE, then try the European style system which gives industry a little more control.

No system is perfect, and NO fee system will ever be totally fair.

This will be discussed at the Take it Back WEST conference, March 1-3, near San Francisco

Be there!!

We have an affordable government track on March 3 that include the BIG electronics debate!!

Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
5111 Berwyn Rd. Ste 115 College Park, MD 20740)
301/345-4237 Fax 345-4768

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