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[greenyes] Grant $
I don¹t know anything about this other than what¹s below, but I thought
someone might find it of interest.

Innovative Pilot Projects
> The Environmental Protection Agency requests proposals for
> Innovation Work Group (IWG) Pilots.   IWG pilots will support
> creative approaches to waste minimization, energy recovery,
> recycling and land revitalization that may be replicated across
> various industries, communities and regions.  All government,
> non-profit, and public education institutions are eligible to apply.
> $500K expected to be available.  Two rounds of proposals
> anticipated, first round due 12/5/03, second due 4/16/04.  For more
> info, contact your Regional EPA IWG Manager
> ( or go to:
>  Refer to
Sol# OSWER 0401.  (FedGrants 10/16/03)

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