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[greenyes] recycling plastic bags
Greeting greenyes,

At your recycling facility here in NE Iowa we go round and round about the issue of plastic shpping bag recycling.  Right now the only option available to residents is to take them back to Wal Mart and we are skeptical about whether or not they actually do get back-hauled to their distributor because of some suspicious things that have been observed at the county landfill.

Two things keep us from starting a program for bags:  the economies of scale question (lots of time and manpower required to sort the various kinds of bags, getting all paper receipts out for a relatively low $ return) and pondering just how long it would take to accumulate a half- or full-truckload of them.

What does anyone know about the preparation required for this material, prices, and reliability of markets?

Seems like a much more effective idea would be a scenario where all stores would accept their bags back for backhauling to their distributors.  If receipts in the bags weren't a problem, that would be a way to get truckloads in a hurry.

Heidi Swets
Spectrum Recycling
Winneshiek County Iowa

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