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Re: [greenyes] oil/antifreeze containers

I can't understand why plastic motor oil or anti-freeze containers would not 
be recyclable. Marked wth a number 2 symbol, I have been putting them in with 
my plastic for years-wherever plastics are collected. New York City has just 
resumed collecting plastic- limited to #1 & #2, but with no mention of 
exceptions for those containers. Have I missed something?


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> Subj: [greenyes] oil/antifreeze containers 
>  Date: 9/10/2003 1:54:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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> Gentlepeople,
>   I have a bunch of empty motor oil containers and antifreeze
> containers.  I called the local group that take used motor oil,etc and she
> told me to throw those containers in the garbage because they're not
> recyclable and that's what they do.
>   I guess I assumed that they probably weren't recyclable but I
> thought I would double-check with the experts.
>     Thanks!
> Tom
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