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[greenyes] Fwd: Annual Western P2 Conf., 10/15-17/03, Tahoe City, CA

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 15:41:54 -0700
From: ann leonard <aleonard@no.address>


For those interested in e-waste issues, and other P2 developments on
the West Coast, the Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network is hosting a conference in October (right after the annual meeting). Thursday's workshops will focus on e-waste. Please see below and for more information.

WRPPN Annual P2 Conference
October 15-17, 2003
Granlibakken Conference Center
Tahoe City, CA

Technical Session:  E-Waste and P2
2:30 - 4:00 p.m.

P2RX Topic Hub for Electronic Waste

This primer is intended as a quick guide to the essential P2 information on Electronic Waste, as well as a compilation of pertinent on-line resources.

EPA Region 9 Electronic Waste

Electronic waste refers to electronic products that have finished their
useful life. Consumer electronic products include televisions and monitors, computers, computer peripherals, audio and stereo equipment, VCRs, DVD players, video cameras, telephones, fax and copying machines, cellular phones, wireless devices, and video game consoles.

DfE Computer Display Partnership

The DfE Computer Display Partnership, along with the electronics industry, evaluated the life-cycle environmental impacts, performance, and cost of technologies that are used in desktop computer monitorsnamely, cathode ray tubes (CRT) and liquid crystal displays (LCD). This project generated data to assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the electronics field in incorporating environmental considerations into their decision-making processes and identify areas for improvement.

Californians Against Waste

Established in 1977, Californians Against Waste (CAW) is a nonprofit
grassroots organization that has grown to represent the interests of more
than 24,000 Californians. We rely on individual donations for over 90% of
our operating funds, and therefore answer only to our activist citizen
membership base.

National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative

The National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative has been created to bring stakeholders together to develop solutions to the issue of electronic products management. The infrastructure for collecting, reusing and recycling electronics in the United States has not kept pace with this growing waste stream, and the number of electronic products entering the waste stream is projected to increase dramatically unless reuse and recycling options expand. All stakeholders involved, federal, state and local governments, manufacturers, retailers, recyclers, and environmental groups, are concerned about and motivated to find a solution to this issue.

Wastewise Electronics Challenge Resource Page

With the current pace of technological advancement, electronic equipment becomes outdated quickly. Electronics can be reused, upgraded, and remanufactured. Extending the life of electronic products can also reduce disposal costs and provide potential tax write-offs.

Electronic Product Recovery and Recycling (EPR2) Project

The EPR2 Project promotes environmentally safe, responsible, and
cost-effective management of electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life or no longer meets the needs of its original owners. The project will help identify and prioritize ways to overcome market,
economic, regulatory, administrative, and institutional barriers to
effective management of electronic equipment throughout its life cycle.

Dr. Marc Siegel
WRPPN P2 Listserv Manager
Phone:  858-484-9855
E-mail: Siegel@no.address

Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network - "P2 West"
P2 West Site Search:
P2 Calendar of Events:
P2 West Topic Hubs:  http://www.wrppn/P2Rx/hub.htm
EPA Region IX URL:

The Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network is a cooperative
alliance of pollution prevention (P2) programs throughout EPA Region IX. The network focuses on regional P2 issues through researching,
consolidating, and disseminating P2 information. The network increases
P2 effectiveness by providing P2 programs with timely, accurate and
useful information and resources

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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