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[greenyes] Resurgence of Coal in US
In an interview on NPR's Morning Edition Show, former Attorney General
of Minnesota Barbara Freese was interviewed about her book on the use of
coal as a fuel.  The part of the interview I found most disturbing was
how the current administration will be encouraging the use of more
coal-fueled power plants in this country while in other developed
countries its use is being diminished for environmental reasons. 
Ostensibly, the reasons behind this is due to the sharply rising cost of
natural gas in this country.  If this is all true, then, once again, we
sell out the environment for lower cost electricity.  Below is a small
blurb from the NPR website about the story and the book.

 'Coal: A Human History' 

Barbara Freese, former attorney general of Minnesota, has written a
book that chronicles the rise and fall of coal. She says coal fueled the
creation of the British Empire -- and the spread of English -- by
stoking the British navy. Her book is Coal: A Human History. Freese
speaks with NPR's Steve Inskeep. 


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