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[greenyes] California takes first step toward increasing container deposits

The California Legislature took the first step today toward doubling the 
redemption value on beverage containers, when the Senate Natural Resources 
Committee approved SB 23 by Sen. Sher on a 5 to 3 vote.  California 
Redemption Value (CRV) on beverage containers with content less than 24 
ounces would increase from 2.5 cents to 5 cents.  On containers holding 24 
ounces or more the CRV would increase from 5 cents to 10 cents.

Based upon a University of California study, it is anticipated that the 
recycling rate would increase from 60 percent to 82 percent.  More info. 

Research by the U.S. EPA (unpublished), a major account firm study done for 
the California Department of Conservation, and the BEAR study last year show 
that the system in California is the most cost-effective in the nation on a 
per unit basis.  But the effectiveness of the low California Redemption Value 
has eroded over time due to inflation.

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