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Re: [greenyes] Another vote for worms

Hi all....

Yes, Gary - worms played an important role at the World Summit on Sustainable 
Development, as we were able to prove to all that vermicomposting is not the "fringe" 
methodology it is sometimes seen as, but a safe and valuable way to manage food 
and other organic waste. The pilot project that we set up, for bulk vermi-composting, 
worked utterly flawlessly! Yes, it did take the worms a few days to get used to the 
new raw material, but that was not a problem.

We use worms at home too, so it seems that the scale is not an issue.

We also have a commercial company supplying worm castings as fertiliser, and it is 
in great demand!

Maybe part of this discussion has to do with our daily distance from Nature - that we 
do not see that it is only Mother Nature that does not waste - that all materials are 
usable by other life forms, and provide (inevitably) more than one use.....

I, for one, will always tip my hat to Mary Applehof - although she was not my first 
introduction to vermicomposting, she certainly helped me learn more - her total 
commitment to the organic movement, and her infectious sense of humour makes 
me warm to her, regardless of the fact that we have never met..... I pray the day 
arrives when we have millions of Mary Applehof's in the world....

she is a blessing in my life....

kind regards


On 22 Apr 2003 at 13:22, Gary Liss wrote:

> Nisrene,
> I view vermicomposting as a valuable tool for better organics
> management and Zero Waste.  They were part of the key success of
> efforts to pursue Zero Waste at the World Summit on Sustainable
> Development in South Africa last year.  Perhaps Muna Lakhani from
> Earth Life Africa can highlight in more detail the role they played in
> the Summit.
> The Zero Emissions Research Institute (ZERI) also employs
> vermicomposting in many of its comprehensive Zero Waste initiatives
> (see
> I also value Mary Applehof's incredible leadership in this field, and
> believe that all those on our listserve should learn more about
> vermicomposting options, and what Mary has to offer.

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