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Re: [greenyes] EPA Off Road Diesel Rules
Hi Pete;
I am all for improving emissions on diesel engines.  I would like to see all
the improvements incorporated on existing engines as is feasible.  Government
agencies could allow some type of credits for those who opt to update/improve
their diesel engines.  Additionally those done sooner then the usual time to
overhaul could get larger credits.  Or does this make too much sense.  In so
many cases the owner/operators just can not afford the overall/modification
cost.  If this undertaking can be done at the normal time that an overhaul
would be done then the owner/operator (applies to autos also) can faced the
cost easier.   Remember diesel run a long time between overhauls.  The emission
problems that you see by observing exhaust stacks can often be
improved/eliminated by the following:

Replacing the fuel injectors if they are bad.  But this is done too often to
the unsuspecting owners.  Many times I have solved the problem by simply adding
an additive such as Marvel Mystery oil that will gradually but not harshly
clean the injectors.  In addition, a careful check of the injector fuel pump
timing should be done.
The quality of the diesel fuel, as far as emissions are concerned, has improved
by large reductions in sulfer content.
Overall diesel fuel has less pollutents then gasoline.
It is important that we continue with best efforts to improve diesel emissions.
The exhaust should not be visible as on all new jet aircraft engines.
Ray Tanguay
--- Peter Anderson <anderson@no.address> wrote:
> One Huge Step for Cleaner Air
> "One consistent thread in Christie Whitman's sometimes bumpy tenure as
> administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has been her steady
> advocacy for tougher controls on the enormous amount of harmful air
> pollution caused by diesel engines. In her third month on the job, despite
> court challenges and industry opposition, she reaffirmed rules imposed by
> her predecessor, Carol Browner, that sharply limited emissions of soot and
> smog-forming gases from diesel-powered trucks and buses. On Tuesday, Ms.
> Whitman announced equally tough standards for "non-road" diesel engines,
> used in construction, agricultural and industrial equipment.
> "....
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