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Re: [greenyes] EPA Off Road Diesel Rules

On 18 Apr 2003 at 13:11, ray tanguay wrote:

> Hi Pete;
> I am all for improving emissions on diesel engines.  

It seems that sometimes, we are so caught up in cleaning up current problems, that 
we fail to address the source... if one applies standard Zero Waste thinking to this 
problem, the soultion is actually simple: reduce CO2 by 70%; CO by 40% SO2 by 
100%, by changing to biodiesel!

yes, I expect all the points about land not being available to grow oil plants, etc - but if 
you looked at the unsustainable use of agricultural land owrldwide, then you will 
surely agree that, if we changed from "bad" crops to those that could provide 
biodiesel (I know of at least 15 plants that can produce this... not forgetting all the 
waste oil from chip fryers, etc), we could make a significant difference in air quality 
fairly easily...

if we looked at land used for "commercial" purposes, often for products that are 
useless (yes, I know - VERY subjective!), we could easily, I am sure, with a 
combination of green technologies, replace the fossil fuels we use today...

In the UK, for example, a chain store is using the waste oil from their fryers to run 
their delivery fleet - better combustion (cetane levels are higher than diesel); better 
lubricity; longer intervals between services; the list could go on....



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