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[greenyes] SWANA support for recycling
Bravo SWANA,

The new pro-recycling policy paper they've recently released is
definitely worth reading.  It's important for us all to work with our
friends wherever we find them.  HOWEVER, the SWANA position paper also
supports waste-to-energy schemes, so I expect a lively debate to
continue into the future.  Also, there is an open question regarding
SWANA support for EPR.

From Waste News online update:

"Waste association pushes for incentives for recycling"
SILVER SPRING, MD. (April 21) -- The Solid Waste Association of North
America´s International Board has called on policy makers to provide
financial incentives for investments in recycling, composting and the
use of recovered materials.
SWANA´s initiative ù released in conjunction with Earth Day ù calls on
policy makers at all levels of government to provide tax credits for
recycled material use, tax free bonds for recycling and composting
investments, modification of virgin material subsidies and other
financial measures to encourage the use of recycled materials.

Further information on the initiative and other SWANA policies are
available on the Internet at

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle, Inc
Boulder, CO

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