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[greenyes] Recycling Action Website Tops A Million Hits A Month
April 16, 2003 

Recycling Action Website Tops A Million Hits A 

Who says interest in recycling and grassroots 
action is declining?  The website of the 
GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) passed the 
Million-per-month hit mark for the first time in March.

The most visited section, as usual, was the Kids 
Recycle! section.

GRRN's website ( is the leading 
source in North America for information and 
action opportunities for the recycling public.  
GRRN promotes Zero Waste as the new vision of 
the grassroots recycling movement, and cradle-
to-cradle producer responsibility as the key to 
healthy, waste-free communities.

The website offers visitors opportunities for 
taking immediate action by writing the CEOs of 
some of the world's largest corporations - 
including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dell, Dow and 

"These companies profess to care about the 
environment, but their actions undercut 
recycling and hurt the planet," said GRRN Co-
Director Bill Sheehan.  "Our free e-letters have 
given thousands of concerned citizens a 
convenient way of taking action.  They helped 
make Coke and Pepsi start using recycled content 
in their plastic bottles, which will keep 2 
billion plastic bottles out of our landfills 
each year."

"Web traffic has been increasing steadily for 
the past four years," said Chris Sparnicht, 
GRRN's webmaster.  "March and April, leading up 
to Earth Day, are usually heavy months, and this 
year is no exception."

The GrassRoots Recycling Network is a North 
American network of waste reduction activists 
and professionals promoting producer 
responsibility and Zero Waste as critical 
elements of a sustainable economy.  

Chris Sparnicht  706-613-7121

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