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RE: [greenyes] netiquette
Hi Muna,
I would only add that people (like me) who start these big discussions are
obviously reading the list messages.  It is not necessary to reply to me and
the whole list -- that just creates double messages in my inbox.  

But it has been a good discussion, and therefore a little inconvenience is
tolerable. :-) 

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Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 2:26 AM
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Subject: [greenyes] netiquette

Hi all...

I have waitied until now to see how the discussion panned out, regarding the
for example, to "cut and paste" for replying - I must confess, mostly,
people are fine 
about this sort of thing, but I also find the "hit reply" often useful,
especially if the 
thread provides context, as I can get well over 100 emails a day, and I do
not always 
remember the context accurately...

so: I suppose the most mature thing to do is:-
1) ask people (generally) to only hit reply when they feel the context is
2) and abstain at other times....

I trust people on the list, that they do not wish to strain any resources,
and we all 
make an occasional slip up...


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