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[GreenYes] Buy Recycled Training

The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) completed six buy recycled training programs in the fall of 2002.  MES completed training for the following organizations:

	*    State of Maine
	*	Northern Maine Development Commission
	*	Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
	*	City of Alexandria
	*	Montgomery County, MD (businesses)

Approximately 120 public and private sector officials attended the training.  Since the start of the program in 1993, more than 160 training programs have been conducted.

The training includes information on the following topics:

	*    why buying recycled products is important
	*	existing programs and content standards
	*	making a commitment to buy recycled
	*	price, quality and availability of recycled products
	*	specifications and testing
	*	contracts, cooperative purchasing, and closed loop systems
	*	waste prevention
	*	record keeping and evaluation

The attendees also receive a copy of the popular "Buy Recycled Training Manual."  The manual includes information on the topics described above and a list of national organizations that provide information on recycled products.  More than 12,500 manuals are currently in use.

For information on the training program or manual, contact: 

Richard Keller
Chief of Recycling
Maryland Environmental Service
2011 Commerce Park Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401
410-974-7236 (fax)

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