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[GreenYes] Recycling organizations that use volunteers?
This is a message from a Suzanne Morse who is looking for contacts and
information about local in scope recycling groups that use volunteer
help. Please read below and email her directly if you are able to help
her out. 
From Suzanne:
The Pew Partnership for Civic Change wants to conduct interviews with 
directors of local recycling efforts that use volunteers. Is there is 
a general list of those groups available? Please e-mail any 
information to morse@no.address
Cassie Wyss
Midwest Organizer
GrassRoots Recycling Network
2203 Regent St, Suite B
Madison, WI 53726
p (608) 232-1830
f  (608) 232-1835
c (608) 345-4323

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