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RE: [GreenYes] Igloo collection for glass
AMEN to what John Reindl said about the difference in lifestyles between American and Europeans.  I'm repeating it for those who may have missed it.  He said,
"Population densities are much greater, people walk to work or to the train/subway or store and can carry their recyclables to the nearest igloo as they make these other trips."
Recycling glass is becoming an increasing challenge in this country.  The commingling of bottles and cans in curbside recycling programs is resulting in cullet that cannot be used to make new glass containers.  Closure of glass plants is making shipping of glass prohibitive in some parts of the country.  The result is that a lot of glass is being collected through curbside programs and ending up in landfills.  Glass collected through deposit/return systems DOES get recycled because it is color sorted and NOT contaminated with ceramics.
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