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[GreenYes] RE: Tire Recycling
Doug Koplow wrote:
>- -Inorganics (such as metals) are generally entrained in the cement when tires
are used in cement kilns.  As such they are not in the general environment
to bioaccumulate.  In other processes where there is standard ash, metals
could be a problem  - though this is also true with the combustion of coal.
I'm not sure of the relative metals contents of the fuels.

My question on this point of Doug's posting is this: if inorganics are
entrained in the cement and thereby not bioaccumulating, what happens to
those inorganics when it comes time for the cement to be disposed of (i.e.
when it's "useful life" is over)? It seems to me that if something is
temporarily kept out of open circulation in the environment, it still has to
ultimately be dealt with, no?



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