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Re: [GreenYes] Plastic Replacement for Aluminum Cans
Hi Laurenteen!

On 4 Dec 2002 at 12:58, Laurenteen Morris wrote:

> I wonder how realistic it is to imagine a society that
> doesn't depend on plastics in the consumer
> mainstream???

Good point - but not so unlikely when you think that pretty much all plastics have only 
been around for about 50 years, and one could hardly claim that we lived in stone age 
technology then, yes? *grin* but the truth is probably better stated that safe and clean 
alternatives exist for almost all plastics, if not all, so one could easily imagine a stpe 
change where, for example, we reduce plastcis by 90% without much of a hiccup in 
quality of life issue - profits by the proponents is another issue altogether...

> I can't imagine the medical industry existing without
> plastic, but I wonder if the toxics involved in
> creating new plastics is worth the time and trouble of
> the scientific community.  

this is, unfortunately, an ongoing process - the "scientific" community (the quote  
marks denote those driven by industry, rather than real research) is doing this as we 

> I bet they could use their time more efficiently like
> finding ways to eliminate landfills and the gook
> inside them not to mention cures for deadly
> diseases...

that would be great, but is unlikely to happen in the near term... if only...

 Kind regards
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