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RE: [GreenYes] Affordable Housing
John and others:
The program in Baltimore is the Loading Dock
The national organization is the Reuse Development Organization (ReDo)

Richard Keller
Chief of Recycling
Maryland Environmental Service
2011 Commerce Park Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401
            7236 (fax)

Buy Recycled Training Program:

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Subject: [GreenYes] Affordable Housing

Hello All -
Does anyone know of a city that operates a program/facility that accepts construction/building material and resells it or donates it for the purposes affordable housing? 
 I understand that Habitat for Humanity runs "Re-Stores" that accept reusable household materials and sells them, however, we are in an area that doesn't have a low cost builder (ala H4H) in it. 
The purpose of establishing a program like this would be twofold, 1) help facilitate affordable housing projects 2) divert C&D material that would otherwise goto a landfill.
If anyone would have any contacts in cities that participate in a program like this, please let me know.
John Buri

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