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Re: [GreenYes] Grocery Bags
I'm looking for a study done on or information leading
to clear statistics on the cost of a traditional brown paper bag, what it
costs to recycle that bag, and how much money is saved if the consumer is
convinced to reuse that bag at the store of purchase. I am putting together
a presentation to encourage the grocery store I work at to return 5 cents
for every bag that is returned and reused.

The GrassRoots Recycling Network website ahs a page on grocery bags:

Here is one of the references:

"Reuse versus recycling: A look at grocery bags" by Robert W. Fenton
Resource Recycling March 1992 pp. 105+
Calculates the energy intensity per trip for different types of grocery
bags. The results show the break-even points for when reusable bags are more
energy efficient than single-use bags. A simpler choice -- reusing a bag
meant for just one use -- also has a big impact.

/Bill Sheehan

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