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thank you PRC!!! RE: [GreenYes] Re:Phone book query
I should've contacted PRC a long time a go - thank you thank you thank you
While I wish Verizon would put the recycle info in the front (consumer
guide, listed in the table of contents) and not hidden in the back between
the yellow pages and the yellow pages index - I am glad they do print this
info.  I do find it very useful when I am traveling either to recycle my own
stuff, to checkout what other areas do recycle, or to tell friends I have in
different areas what they can recycle if they aren't already recycling.
Everyone has a phone book, so it puts info at your fingertips that you would
otherwise have to call around or look around for.

Our books do still carry this info, I had recently reported incorrectly that
they do not...I also noticed that DE and MD books carry it as well while I
was away at the beach.

I think that PA does have some of the best recycling going in the nation,
that is, most communities in PA do have mandated or voluntary
recycling...But aside from the SE region, most programs don't accept
residential mixed paper or cardboard - only newspaper...Many other states
do...And as we keep buying recycled paper we're creating a market.  If your
grocery store doesn't sell recycled paper products - demand them...I've been
doing this recently and the stores ARE listening.  My irritation right now
goes to Food Lion - who refuses to sell recycled paper

Steve Weisser
Lancaster, PA

Stephen N. Weisser
Child Poverty rates: 20% US, 34% Wash. DC, 25% CA, 35% New Orleans.
Highest of any country in the western world.
2% in Scandinavia and they're ashamed of it.

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Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Re:Phone book query

Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is very proud to collect the
information about community recycling programs and organize it for printing
in the Verizon Phone Books. In our school and community recycling education
outreach programs, we always stress how easy it is to get the information
from the Verizon phone directories in the 6 state Mid-Atlantic area.

We'd appreciate any one who is doing recycling education to help promote
this easy to find information.  We get many calls from people vacationing
throughout the Mid-Atlantic area on the easy to find information.

By the way many residential communities still collect corrugated boxboard,
gray board, office paper, and junk mail.  Check it out in the Verizon phone

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